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2009 Cat Z1 Turbo

Oct. 31,2010


Dear Scott,

"I have a 2009 Cat Z1 Turbo that suffered from a serious darting problem. The sled is a rocket, but right out of the box it suffered from a darting problem. I had my dealer install a set of Cobra Heads by Qualipieces. The Cobra Heads were no better than the factory carbides (in some conditions they seemed worse). After a month of owning the sled I was wondering whether I should have kept my F8.

I did some internet research and came across Scott Bergstrom's name. I called Scott and instantly knew that I was speaking with the right person. Scott was a wealth of knowledge. I was getting ready to leave on a 5 day sled trip. Scott put together a set of carbides, Ski Savers and shims for me and I had them installed and ready to go in 3 days. Five minutes on the sled with Scott's products told me that this was not the same sled. The darting problems that had me wondering what I had gotten myself into were completely gone. After 5 days and 700 miles practically every snow condition imaginable there was no question that Scott's carbides were unlike any others that I had tried before. My 575 lb turbo four stroke carved through the corners like a sled half its weight. Scott's spindle shims solved the darting issue under all snow conditions.

The next time I purchase a new sled my first priority will be to get in touch with Scott and get a set of his Skegs, Ski Savers and shim."

Happy sledding and, once again, thanks for everything.

Peter E.
Mississauga, ON



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