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2010, Polaris IQ

Sun, Mar 16, 2012


Hi Scott,

I thought I would let you know that the product you sent me is holding up amazingly well. I now have 3400 miles on the sled and the skegs are still in good shape! Even the left one which has spent some time in the gravel on the edge of roads! Excellent product! When I finally wear it out I will definitely be in touch for more.

We are at the end of riding in southern Ontario now. Another year of traveling to find snow. Global warming hurting bad here!

Cheers and thanks again!

Sharon G.
Picton, ON, Canada

Triple Point Carbides - Wonderful

March 18, 2012

Hey Scott,
I put your product on my 2010 IQ this season at 1157 miles. There is now 1900 miles on the sled and they still look like new.

The steering was amazing. It went where I wanted to go without any sliding or fighting on my part. The riding in Ontario this year was tough. There was no snow at all in my area and we had to travel to ride. Near the end of the season the snow was getting thin in areas and hitting rocks was common. We are out of snow now in southern Ontario and have the motorcycles out.

I am looking forward to next year and more riding ahead.
I told everyone about your product any time I was given the chance! One friend upon checking them out discovered that the new snowmobile he had purchased from the US had Good and Ugly's on it! I will keep on promoting your product and direct everyone interested to your site.

Thanks so much.

Sharon G.
Picton, ON, Canada

I will keep u posted on the wear of the skegs

Woohoo! What a ride!



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