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2010, Vector LTX, GT



Here are the Slim Jims that were on my 2010 Vector LTX GT. There are 1,200 miles on these, all of which were ridden in Price, Sawyer, Ashland and Iron County WI. Conditions were good to excellent. Note the broken carbide, not sure how that happened. I nicked a few stones on the trail but nothing serious I always steered around any hazards. No Railroad crossings either. The Slim Jims do eliminate darting but no matter what I did to the suspension it simply wouldn't turn. At times depending on the snow I really had to slow down so I was sure I could get out of an oncoming sleds way. It was that bad!


Snow conditions - good to excellent

Lost 1 ½ mpg


Pushed in corners

Lost approx. 4 mph from top end

Gary P.
Rudolph, WI



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