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Bravo, 2010

March 11,2015


Hello Scott,



First off, let me apologize for not sending a report on the skegs you were kind enough to manufafture and send to me for my 2010 Yamaha Bravo until now. Once I received them, my Bravo was stuck the the garage waiting for parts. I finally got it back into service this past week and got to take it out for an extended run day.

All I can say is WOW! These have seriously changed the handling ability of the Bravo in the conditions I find myself riding in. Being up in the Arctic, we are faced with wind swept frozen hard pack that is very challenging to gain control at high speeds with a regular runner and forget trying to turn at slow speeds without sliding until the runner can make contact with loose snow. This is especially the case when riding on the roads in town that are cleared down what amounts to a hard packed surface that acts like ice.

That is all gone now with the Triple Point carbides as I'm able to maintain control at all speeds and on all surface conditions. It really is confidence inspiring to run these. It has increased the enjoyment factor of the Bravo immensely.

They also fit perfectly. I didn't have to drill anything out, they fit right in like a glove. I can't thank you enough for sending me a pair.

I've attached a couple of pictures. This was all I could get before my phone shutdown due to the battery being depleted. I will be sure to get some better ones, once I'm back in town and have a chance to ride again.

Ryan R.
Baker Lake, NU, Canada


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