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2011 Apex – Tuner Skis

Sun, Apr 14, 2013


Hope you had a busy and successful season.  Just wanted to get back to you with some feedback as promised when I ordered the triple points from you for the Yamaha Tuner Skis.

I couldn't be happier with how the sled handles now, it's a 2011 Apex with 153 studs and the the tuner skis with 8" triple points. This sled goes where I point it, no twitching, no darting, and carries a line through a corner like its on rails. For the first time ever I've had an Apex that really handles the way I wanted.

I ran the first 500 miles of the season in Quebec with mint conditions on the stock Yamaha carbides, while they handled O.K., they were totally shot at the 500 mile mark. I then put on the Triple points, shimmed the skis, and ran 1000 miles in similar conditions and they show no wear at all. I've had several other riders test out the sleds handling and all are equally impressed, including a few Cat drivers.

Thanks again for a great product and many happy miles of sledding.

Best regards,
Joe N.
Newmarket, ON



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