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December 20, 2013



As a long time customer, I have always valued the quality of Bergstrom Skegs products. Last year, I put the Triple Point carbides on my 2011 Ski Doo. WOW! I was impressed immediately with the control and turning capabilities the carbides provided. I credit the Triple Point carbides for preventing a more serious accident in February in northern Wisconsin. An oncoming snowmobile took a corner too fast and spun out of control in front of me. I was able to maneuver my snowmobile quickly to avoid a head-on hit. His snowmobile did slide into my left front corner and we were both thrown from our sleds. I suffered a separated shoulder injury which was minor compared to what could have occurred. I really feel the accident would have been more serious if I hadn't had such great control with my carbides. I won't use anything else but the Triple Point carbides. They are the best around!

Jim E.
Rockton, IL


Dollar per mile, Bergstrom Skegs are the best value on the market...Period!

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