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July 29, 2012



I have been meaning to write this for some time and apologize for the time lapse. To refresh memories I bought a 2011 Yamaha Apex XTX in September of 2011 based on various features and performance info from many reviews and some friends in the Yamaha family of snowmobiles. The one thing I should have done was to contact you up front, as I could have avoided a lesson of ski performance for this sled before my initial ride. My mistake and will not make that one again.

After purchase and before my first run with the sled, I did find out from looking at your site the issues with Darting may be prevalent in the factory ski. Well, I should have called you first to discuss options, but I nonetheless decided to go riding up in Maine for a weekend in January when conditions finally were positive to snowmobile. All I can say when I first got on the sled was OH BOY; not because of its raw power and great suspension, but because it was like riding a bucking bull. It was a darting nightmare, constantly shifting the front end and pushing the rear out even on the straight aways. Cornering was a hairy experience when dscelerating it would immediately shift direction and pull me almost straight to the woods. I have to say the first ride impression I had was to throw this machine away as I felt it was trying to kill me.

Well, when I returned home I decided to Call you, and all I can say now is thank God, as when we spoke I felt your solution was my last hope before a search for new skis or a new sled. You recommended the Shims, Ski Savers and the Triple Point carbides that were made for these skis. Once I recieved them I immediately installed them, and by the way, for those that may think this is complcated, it took me all of 15 minutes per ski. Now I was feeling a little better about another ride on the sled but not 100 percent comfortable remembering the last ride. I planned a trip up to northern Maine with a friend and was hopeful to not have the same death ride as before. The day came and we left the lodge across a snow packed lake and from the minute I started I was amazed. The darting, shifting of the rear and the push in corners was almost gone.

I put on 320 miles over Feb. 3rd & 4th. It was close to riding on rails in every condition. Truely amazing and some of the most fun I have had riding without manhandling the machine the whole day. With the power steering on this sled it was relaxing to not have to fight what I experienced the first ride. I thank you for all you do to improve what manufactures are unwilling to improve. I would recommend to anyone buying or that already owns a snowmobile to call you and put these three simple items on their sled. THEY WORK period! From a Death Ride to a muscle machine stuck on rails and cornering tighter and smoother than any sled I owned in the past.

Thank you for making Snowmobiling the fun it is supposed to be, from one who owns this great performance sled, with as you stated "Pathetic" Skis!

John T
Raynham, MA



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