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Renegade 1200, 2012

December, 21, 2014



Buffalo Storm

I had a chance to try out the Triple Points earlier than expected, the extreme November Lake Effect storm in Buffalo NY called for the use of snowmobiles so I trailered up to help out. The snow was very localized and totals were from 6-8 feet to 6" a few miles away. This left me trapped and having to ride miles of bare pavement on several occasions, enough to where I said to myself "oh well", if I burn up my new Triple Points, it's for a good cause". I took a look when I got home and they looked like I drove down my blacktop driveway and back, I as shocked. Speaking of blacktop driveways, these carbides did the least amount of damage to the driveway and concrete garage floor out of any new carbide I have put on. These are installed on a 2012 Renegade 1200 and the machine turns excellently on blacktop. Home Run on the 8" Triple Points, can't wait to rack up more miles.

Dustin B.
Franklinville, NY



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