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Switchback 800, 2012
May 27, 2015



The 2013-14 season was a bust... Literally. First trip of the year I broke three ribs and was out for most of the season. I believe I got 100 miles in towards the end of the year but that was without the Trail Grabbers. As you recall I have a 2012 Polaris, Switchback 800.

This year 2014-2015 there was not enough snow here in Minnesota to put on any miles. I did however get a trip into the UP of MI and was able to put on 250 or so miles. I had the Trail Grabbers installed on my sled and am pleased to report that they did make a significant difference in handling in the corners and accelerating and stopping on the hard packed trails and icy lakes. Where I really noticed a difference was there was very little fishtailing. Before I installed them I would always fishtail when I took off hard I just thought that's the way it is. However once I installed these I would dig down and then take off straight ahead. Also, in the corners I was able to hit the throttle midway through the corners and accelerate through them. Stopping was similar in that when I would brake hard I stopped in control without much sliding or fishtailing. It made riding much more enjoyable as I was able to keep up with friends better and feel more confident and in control of the machine.

I would venture to say that had I had the Trail Grabbers on my sled in 2013-2014 I would not have broken my ribs. I was crossing a plowed asphalt road with an icy shoulder. Sitting on one knee I had stopped on one knee looked both ways and crossed maybe 5-10 mph as I got to the shoulder I accelerated. Unfortunately the shoulder was pure ice I fishtailed which caught me by surprise and hit the brake. Of course all this happens in a second and before I knew it I had tipped the sled and landed on my shoulder which drove my elbow into my left side. Upon hearing Snap, Snap, POP... I knew something was wrong. Had I had the Trail Grabbers I am sure I would not have fishtailed and therefore no need to hit the brake. Everything would have been fine. Instead an 8 mile drive home in 6 below weather with three broken ribs and a trip to the emergency room. Not fun, but a lesson learned.

I would and have highly recommended your products to those who I talk to about my accident or snowmobiling in general. Also, the Triple Point skegs are fantastic and help with the corners and along with the shims have almost eliminated all darting.

All in all I am very pleased with your Products

Thank you very much,

Ron R.
Maple Grove, MN



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