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2012 Yamaha Vector LTX

Jan 14, 2014


Well Scott I finally  had a weekend riding up north in the Hayward area and I must say your setup works fine, very happy with it. One of the things that my Ski Doo friends said was that I left a trench in the snow and the rear of my ski's were always planted. Plus they said it didn't show any pushing of snow in the corners  that you see at times. One of the guys had a 2014 Ski Doo with Curve ski that would do that at times. I rode his new sled and I thought it turned pretty easy and turned good until I got back on my Yamaha with the power steering and your setup. You really get use to that power steering but don't know how easy it turns till you trade sleds.  OMG is all I could say after getting back on mine and he said the same thing when he got on mine. That's also why I wasn't as tired and sore from riding this weekend as they were with your setup and my power steering, tons and tons of corners up there.

Hey thanks again and I wish I would have had your stuff many years before.


John T.
Prairie Du Chien, WI


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