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GSX, 2014
Renegade, 2014

April 8, 2015


Hello Scott,


Dooly vs Triple Points

We met you at the 2015, Wausua, WI Sneak Peek Show, after talking to you, you offered to send me your Triple Point 6" carbides for free, for feedback.

I had dooly carbides to prevent darting. They worked, but pushed in the corners. You assured me that I would no longer need to deal with darting or pushing, if I tried your Triple Point carbides, shims & plugs. I used them for this season and I am very pleased. No darting and more positive steering in the corners. The skegs fit on our dollies that we use to get in and out of the garage. After 1,300 miles there is still plenty of carbide left for next season.

Thanks Scott, my husband also bought 8 '' for his 2014 Renegade and has experienced the same great results. When the time comes to replace them it will definitely be bergstrom skegs triple point.

Patty B.
Lakewoods, WI



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