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TNT 900 ACE, 2014

February 6, 2015



Mr Bergstrom

Enclosed are the runners I promised to send. They are stock runners from a 2014 Ski-Doo TNT 900 ACE, with 2600 miles on the Odometer. The vast majority of the riding has been in great snow conditions, on nicely groomed trails, with the occasional run on tar when crossing a bridge, road, etc.

I installed the runners, ski savers, shims and plugs that you sent me. I jacked up the snowmobile with a motorcycle jack placed under the suspension arms close to the center of the sled. When the skis were hanging, I looked at the ski tilt before installation. Visually, they looked to be horizontal to the floor and not tilted forward or back. After I installed the shims and plugs, I looked at the ski tilt again and now the skis tilted back. Your instructions recommended taking weight off the skis when not riding, so I plan to use wooden blocks under the front suspension arms near the skis to keep the skis off the ground.

Thank you for your help,

Bruce T.
Minot, ME


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