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, 2015

Feb 3, 2015


Good morning Scott,

I've been using Bergstrom Triple Points for about 10 years. There are 6 other riders in our group and they use them as well. These skegs have performed as advertised and your service is five star. The reason for this email is to tell you the extreme conditions we were in this year and how your product held up.

We ride mainly in Onterio 2 hours north of Toronto. Conditions in this area have been limited at best. The trails had about 4" of base with little snow over the base, some rocks and bare spots. Getting to the trails for us is a 1 mile drive each way on bare black top, gas stop was ½ mile each way on black top. The groomer was pulling up some very large rocks that we had to avoid, needless to say we were not always successful, I hit a minimum of 8 times and don't know how many other, people hit while riding my sled. We rode the week of 1-26-15 and put on about 800 miles in these conditions. So we're back home and going over our sleds and checking skegs, to my surprise the Bergstrom Triple Point's had no damage to the carbide or anywhere. In these conditions and what I hit, a lesser skeg would be junk. I have 2,700 miles on them, their in great shape and I expect another 2,700 miles.

Thanks, Scott for a great value and product.

Dan J.
West Middlesex, PA


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