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Caines Quest Race: Renegade 800's 2008 & 2009

March 1, 2012

Hi Scott,

Bunk and I used your great products for the 2009 Cains Quest Endurance Race in Labrador, Canada. We used your carbide tipped screws in 2008 and 2009. In 2008 they helped us in a fast finish. The 1,500 mile race turned into a dash for the finish for the last 60 miles with 40 seconds separating 3 teams. We lead the 4th and 5th place teams to come in third. In the 2009 1,500 mile Cains Quest race we ran the Triple Point carbides and the carbide screws, they worked great again with no problems. I have just changed my race carbides out after 5,300 miles and I am keeping the old ones for a spare, still good, just dull and chipped. I am still running most of the original screws in my 1 ¾" track after 5,300 miles. My team mate and son Bunk wanted me to tell you that he is still running his race carbides and screws after 4,500 miles. We run a combination of conditions, from snow, ice, rocks to dirt up here in the northeast. I have logged over 200,000 miles on sleds since 1968 including 2 cross country trips coast to coast and to many safari trips to count. I have tried many products and your products rank up in the top.

Bill and Bunk B.
Team 21 of the Cains Quest Race
Weare, NH


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