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2009 Renegade

November 17, 2013


Hi Scott,

I wanted to let you know how everything worked out on my '09 Summit 146" 600 Etec and my husband's '09 Gade 600 Etec.

'09 Renegade:

My husband's sled was traditionally studded and with Curve skis. This was my sled then he took it after the first season.

I had heard so much about the Curve skis that I wanted to put them on this sled. I set them up with the carbides that Curve recommended. This sled was a bear to turn – very heavy. I worked a lot on the set-up of the suspension and got it a bit better, but the steering remained heavy. I did notice that there was a very tight temperature window where these skis really worked better – high teens to the 20's. I did like these skis off-trail – nice float.

The one benefit to this hard steering was it helped my golf game!

My husband took the sled the next year and he complained about the heavy steering and his aching shoulders too (so it was not just me). I jumped on it once (after having my sled set-up sweet) and actually missed a corner because I couldn't turn the handlebars!

To try to improve things we replaced the carbides (which were junk by now), installed ¼ Ski Savers and shims. What a difference that made! My husband was no longer complaining (which is worth a lot to me) and the sled handled so much better. I took it for a ride just to see – and it was like night and day. You didn't have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger to steer the sled!

We both traded our sleds in for 2014 Renegade X and can't wait to get them set-up right – Trail Grabbers, triples, ski savers and shims – it's a no brainer & money well spent!

Stacey A
Boston, MA


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