Polaris Frontier, 2002

August 4, 2007




Just came across this old email and wanted to let you know that those triple points were excellent this past winter.  With the accu-tracks I would slide through icy corners and even some of the really hard packed snow.  I think that the sled being heavy and with the 136” track would just push through the corners.


After installing the skegs I had to reduce the pre-load on the skis which made it ride much smoother.  Now with the triple points it would go where I pointed it.  This was great since due to warm weather some of the trails were very icy and I could ride confident that I would not slide off the trail and hit a tree.


I had fun driving in and out of the gas pumps because I could turn around on the pavement while everyone else was picking up and dragging their sleds to turn them.


Thank you for your excellent product.


David L.

McGregor, MN


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