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August 30, 2005


The difference of my Rage was night and day.  I rode stock for a few weeks one day I was riding and decided to try the shims, I went back to camp, shimmed the skis and rode off right away.  It was amazing!  I found myself talking to myself inside my helmet wondering why the skis are set so poorly from the factories. 

Not only did it make the sled steer lighter but the skis plane off faster in the powder.  When you get in the deeper snow you can see the ski tips actually above the snow about 3-4 inches.


Megaditto to Phantom’s comment.

I had mine done before we all took the TY demo ride in Houghton last winter.  I was following Mr. Sled as he was fighting a darting issue, pulled up along side while riding one handed, pointed my free palm to the sky and shrugged.  He gave me a one-finger salute and immediately put his hands back on the bars to continue fighting and darting.

That was all the testamonial I needed along with noting that my Rage handled better than every other demo I rode that day.  


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