GSX, 2004

April 10, 2008




First I would like to compliment you on your website.  I found vast information that was useful, practical and very interesting reading.  You’ve got information that the riders want, and real tests to back up your claims – what competitor does this?  Nice job.


Next, I liked that when placing an order online, you must call.  This is a great example of exemplary customer service that has become a thing of the past in today’s electronic age.  When I called, you went above and beyond to make sure I got what I needed the first time for my specific application.  It was a pleasure talking with you; you definitely know your industry & your products very well.


In short, we had a weekend trip planned and my wife was having darting problems with her sled prior.  I decided to switch-up the carbides as part of the solution.  I ordered your Triple Points at the last minute (my fault) and because of the current lead-times we would not have received the Triple Points in time for the weekend trip.  Oh well, no problem, I waited until the last minute, what else would I expect, right?


When you offered to speed up the delivery and cover half of the cost to overnight ship, I was floored.  You even threw in a set of shims for her sled, mine and the other 4 couples in our group.  Service like this is simply unheard of anymore and even more so appreciated by a fellow businessman who takes customer satisfaction very seriously.


I received the Triple Points as promised just in time for the weekend.  The new carbides & shims were installed before we left for the weekend and when we hit the trail – WOW!  My wife’s sled went from a chore to ride, to an absolute dream.  The Triple Points are incredible in all conditions; I almost enjoyed riding her sled more than mine.


You’ve got a repeat customer & advocate for life.  Keep up the great work!



Dan H.

Walworth, NY



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