Rode a 08 Nytro Friday for the first time!!!!!!!!!, WOW almost died!!!!!!!!!

NyTrOMaNIaC, Feb. 25, 2008, post # 6
Yep, it’s as simple as flipping the rubber ski bumpers around and you have a totally different and much improved handling machine. Dealers are preparing them the way Yamaha said to, however Scott Bergstrom recommended owners to try this 2 minutes mod and it’s working extremely well for most. Tell your dealer to do the same and try it again, I’m sure both of you will be very surprised.

Adding a ¼” shim to the rear makes the sled even better.

unchained, post # 7
It’s a start, but Yamaha didn’t totally redesign the 09 front-end with 10 changes if just a simple rubber shim is the solution.

11-09-08 - I anticipate the 09 Nytro will need at least a ¼” shim to the rear, for better results. Scott B.

12-30-09 - 3/8” works best. Scott B.

Buyers Guide
List of changes to 2009 Nytro
1. Caster angle was increased from a more up & down 22 degree to a relaxed 25.8 degree.
2. Ski trail was increased from 21.4mm to 42.5mm.
3. Revised spindle
4. Shorter A-arms
5. Camber increased
6. Ski stance narrowed
7. New ski rubber stop
8. New tie rods
Oct 2009
Page 25
"We like the changes here and believe about 30-40% of the 08 Nytro's darting and unpredictability in the corners has been dialed out."

That means 60-70% of the darting and unpredictability in the corners has not been dialed out!

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