Stud Boy
Deuce Bars

For Plastic Skis, Steel Skis and Ski Skins

".... Here are my Stud Boy Deuce Bars. They have 500 miles on them and look like they were wearing decent. The problems with these bars were very hard steering and heavy braking effect due to drag. They pushed in the turns as well. Not a good fix for darting."

Daniel G.
Washington TWP, MI


Note the wear pattern in the photo

The grooves in front of the front wear pads are almost gone so the wear pads are more exposed. A groove was formed by the debris trapped between the carbides; front to back.

New unused Deuce Bar


Carbide channel depth Used - .012"

New .077"

Cross sections of one of the used Yamaha Deuce Bars above. Both the used and new host bars were cut just in front of the front wear pads. Note the significant wear in just 500 miles.


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