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KARE 11 Television News in Minneapolis / St. Paul
March 8, 1999 - 10 pm

" The Highway Safety Center conducted more than a thousand tests on breaking and cornering ability for snowmobiles, using a variety of stud products. Most of that data still needs to be compiled, but one product in particular jumps out."

" This type of stud. It's a plastic stud called the Trail Tamer. It's marketed to improve traction without damaging trails. But the computer found no statistical difference between it and no studs at all in loose snow. In packed conditions, it was only marginally better. On ice, it was dramatically worse. At 25 mph, the slowest measured, a non-studded sled took just over a hundred feet to stop, while the Trail Tamer used up 600 feet of ice. It did not slow down enough to even resister on the computer."

" It's a death wish. It's that bad."

" Rudy Tschida designed the Trail Tamer. He tells people it won't etch into ice like a metal stud, but these findings were a surprise. Still, he has no plans to stop selling the product."

" (Rudy Tschida=Stud manufacturer) Well, there will be a warning on them, stating this, but that's as far as it will go."

" Meanwhile salespeople like Mark Ertz have been telling their customers in good faith, what the manufacturer told them."

"(Mark Ertz=Chopper City Sports) Someone who's out trail riding with the family, may want to consider something like this."

Dennis Stauffer, KARE 11 News


With their attitude I am confident they sold out all their stock before they discontinued them.

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