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Triple Point Carbides are Unique!


The 8" version provides 24" of turning carbide per bar, with a total of 48" per pair. Bite is increased when cornering because the 10 to 12 degree tilt of the skis in a full turn puts pressure on the center carbide edge and the inside carbide edge of the outside skis. This doubles the bite! The rest of the wear area is hardsurfaced. Turning at the gas pump

The 6" version provides 18" of turning carbides per bar, with a total of 36" per pair.

We do not make 4" versions for safety reasons. Instead, we include 3/8" Ski /savers with 6" Triple Points, to lesson the effort to turn the handlebars, and yet turn the sled sooner. You never know when a sled will come around the corner on your side of the trail!!!

Dual runner products focus the pressure on the inside carbide of the outside ski and are known to push in the corners as well as create drag because of the 4 somewhat blunt rails. The effort to turn the handlebars is also significantly increased.

Scotts Comments

Despite their claims none of the others live up to their hype or the function of the Triple Points. In fact the majority of their products today are similar to the carbides of the 1970's and 80's.



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