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2003 Polaris Super Sport 550

March 21, 2005


I would like to thank you for making my 2003 Polaris with steel skis and M10 a pleasure to ride.

After installing your 18" Triple Point wear rods, 1/4" Ski Savers and shims the sled went wherever I pointed it. When I told you I noticed an increase in steering effort, you recommended using 3/8" Ski Savers. Besides not darting, they made it even easier to turn providing much better control. Having the use of only my left arm and hand, your products made for better steering and control than OEM Easy Steer wear rods. I was able to ride hard enough that my track was breaking loose. I added 192 of your Trail Grabbers to my track and like the way they keep the track to the trail.

Everyone I ride with can't believe the difference. I have ridden a very happy 1,000 miles with this setup as of 3-18-05. I tell everyone that if they want control of their machines they should buy your products.

Thank you,

Bob S.
Oglesby, Illinois

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