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2004 Polaris XC-600

March 26, 2004


Honestly, I feel they are the MOST user friendly carbides I have used. They were on short track Polaris sleds with 96 studs for trail riding. The sleds are both 600 XC and used for both slower and faster groups in riding. The faster groups ranging from 70-80 MPH. The sleds turned VERY EASY, and turned where the skis were pointed. The guys in the aggressive groups had trouble keeping up even when riding 700-800cc engines, with a variety of different skags and studs. They all had to see what I was running. I think my advantage was the positive performance of the Triple Point Carbides. Also, I had the confidence level of knowing the sled was going where I pointed it.

The carbides worked GREAT. I have 3,700 miles on one set; 1700 on the other set. Although they don't show it, they were exposed to some pretty good abuse. During this time they were turning my sled MUCH BETTER than any other sled was turning. You have an excellent product, better than anything else on the market that I have used.


Dick Sq.

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