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Formula III, 1996

April 5, 1999

Dear Scott,

I met your representative at a grass drags and swap meet in Mosinee, Wisconsin, two years ago. I started talking to him about your wear rods.  He told me how long your wear rods last compared to the other brands. 

With nothing to lose, I bought a pair and installed them on my 1996 Formula III snowmobile.  I ran them for two years, and have put on 1,650 miles.  I took them off this spring and could not believe how much rod I had left. I am convinced your rods last the longest. I have tried Roetin and Woody's, and was replacing the rods every 600 miles. I did experience with your wear rods, when going across blacktop, that it feels like the skis are on wheels instead of biting in with a lot of drag.

Thanks again,

Lance L.

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