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2003 Arctic Cat / Firecat F7

August 15, 2008

You had sold me a pair of your Type III carbides for my 03' Firecat F7. You also gave me, two sets of ski savers (1/4" & 3/8") to try.

I installed the 1/4" ski savers with the new Type III's and as promised, I'd like to give you some feedback.

First of all, your web site is full of great information. Your service is class act and your patience for answering questions over the phone was much appreciated.

I'm very pleased with the results of your carbides. They wear just like you said they would. After 850 miles of some rough riding, I'm very impressed with the "lack of" wear. They look almost brand new!

Steering was much improved and I could literally feel the difference while making a paved road crossing. The sled seemed to glide a lot easier. Your decision to leave out the shims was correct. It seemed like I was getting the 60/40 wear ratio you had explained over the phone.

The new F7 has been known to push a little in the corners and your product seemed to help quite a bit. Not only did the front end "carve" better, like any new carbide, it kept "carving" without losing that "new" carbide feel.

I've sent some pics of my stock skis with the 1/4" skis savers and your type III carbides installed. I also sent some pics of my stock 4" carbides.

Your carbides have approximately 850 miles, while the stock 4" have only 200 miles. The stock carbides have completely worn out the hard weld already. I hope these pics help show some wear patterns for the Firecat F7.

Thank you very much.

Craig R.

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