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Stock ski modification/experiment with PICS
Posted Dec. 26, 2007

Snowmanx, posted: Thu Dec 27. 2007 1:09 am

The best darting preventive method I found is a set of usi triple threat skis and a dumpster for the stock yamaha skis.  The nytro skis are the same skis other than the mounting as they were on my 2002 viper and they were junk back then.  IMO when you pay close to 10,000 for a sled they should not have bad 2002 technology.

Current sled – 2008 Yamaha Nytro


Vector1, posted - Dec -27-07

Yeah, at first I did not think the darting was that bad, but on my last ride it was actually dangerous.  Why won’t Yamaha give us a better ski?  I was also going to go with USI’s.

Current sled – 2008 Yamaha Nytro


Krakan, posted – Dec 28, 07

I have no problems with darting.  Maybe Yam Scandinavia has a better idea of how to fix it?

Current sled – 2008 Nytro RTX


Old Thumper, posted – Dec 29, 07

I emailed Scott Bergstrom of Bergstrom Skegs.  He is well known for having good solutions for darting problems.  He recommended taking the rubber stop block out of the ski and turning it around

I jacked up my front suspension and with the OEM setup the front of the ski is pointing down.  To prevent darting the front of the skis should point up when they are off the ground and in a free state.  I turned the rubber blocks around and the skis are now pointing upward at the front.  I’ll be riding tomorrow and will see how it works.

Could be a simple fix to the darting issue.


NyTrOMaNIac, posted – Dec 29, 07

Basically like a shim, awesome idea!  Thanks for sharing!

Current sled – FX Nytro RTX


Old Thumper, posted – Dec 29, 07

I think it’s going to need a shim as well – but I’m going to try it without first.


Old Thumper, posted – Dec 30, 07

            Guystry this before spending big bucks on aftermarket skis.  Big difference.


Goddo, posted – Dec 31, 07

Has anyone else tried this? 

Today I experienced darting at high speeds on new soft snow and it was an unsettling feeling.  I also experienced the wiggly ass end for the first time.  It’s all associated with the severe darting from the stock skis in loose snow.

Scary at high speeds…I might have to test out this mod.

Still loving the sled though.


NyTrOMaNIaC, posted – Jan 1, 08

Turning the rubber mounts around inside the saddles does work!


Old Thumper, posted – Jan 1, 08

And you can’t beat the price!

Thanks Scott Bergstrom!

Keep Bergstrom Skegs in mind next time you need new carbides.


bagadonitz, posted – Jan 1, 08

I did this today and took it to the same trail I was on yesterday.

Yesterday at 60 km/h, I felt unsafe. Hunting, darting, etc.Today, same trail, same snow, 110 km/h no issue.

It is a night and day difference.


I talked to O.T. later and he ended up adding  ” shims on the rear.




Mr. Sled - 08 Nytro


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