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1998 - WOODY'S vs.

Woody's vs Bergstrom's Drag Test Results

This test is quite simple. We tested our hardsurfaced wear rod against the cut up Woody's host bar.

Both wear rods were independently attached to a tow-behind jig. Both wear rods were also independently weighted with 119 pounds and driven down bare blacktop approximately 45 mph for 8 miles.

The bigger and brighter the sparks... the faster the material is wearing away!

Drag Test Jig

See For Yourself!

Affixed to the jig, these wear rods were dragged down blacktop at approximately 45 mph for 8 miles.

These are the actual wear rods after being dragged in this test!

We cut up a pair of Woody's 1/2 inch carbides and welded the hardweld pieces together.  The top rod is the Woody's rod, notice how much thinner it is compared to the Bergstrom rod.  On the trail this difference will translate into poorer turning from the Woody's rod.  Since the Woody's rod is wearing faster it will also lose it's carbide faster.  By weight the Woody's rod lost 59% more material.

Bergstrom Skegs
1/2" round host bar
Full length hardsurfacing

1/2" flat top host bar
Full length hardweld

5mile.gif (2670 bytes)

6mile.gif (2565 bytes)

7mile.gif (1757 bytes)

8mile.gif (2144 bytes)

The more sparks there are and the bigger and brighter they are, 
the faster the material is wearing away.

Woody's Drag Test Video (12 minutes)
      Bergstrom Skegs




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Drag Test Results

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