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REV XP, 2009 - Slim Jim



My 2009 REV XP was darting so when I saw an ad in one of my snowmobile magazines about the Dooly Runners from Woody's described how great they worked, I bought a pair of 6" Slim Jims.

I tried them out on my next visit to Maine in 2009 but was not impressed. The trails were in good shape but I had to struggle to steer the sled and it felt like I had the brake on or had a cement block tied to my skis. It took a lot more RPMs to get the sled to take off from the start and when I had to cross bare roads, I thought I was going to smoke my belt.

When I took the Slim Jims off after only 320 miles, I discovered only the first 2" up front were worn. I then realized there were four sharp points digging into the tar and dirt. I figured that must have been the reason it took so much effort to steer and move the sled.

I knew there must be a better way so I went online and found your web site under "skegs". When I called, you told me you could solve my problem with free shims but you recommended your 8" skegs and ski savers together with the shims package. You also told me I would be able to ride my sled at 60 mph with one hand. I must admit I was somewhat skeptical but I decided to try your product because it seemed logical.

I am so glad I tried your skegs. There was no darting at all and the steering was so light I could steer my sled with one hand at 70 mph!

I will never buy any other skegs!

Thank you for making an awesome sled even better! I would recommend these skegs to anyone.

Normand E.
N. Dartmouth, MA


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