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Feb 27, 2012

Hi Scott,
I have been using your Triple Points now for the last 4 years. Last year I ordered a new set as I have covered over 4000 miles on my current set and although I didn't check them I figured they were overdue for replacement. As I am sure you are aware the last few years have been a little skimpy on snow in the Northeast so these skegs have had more than their share of bare roads and hitting rocks on thinly covered trails. Imagine my surprise when I pulled them at the beginning of this year to swap in the new set and found that although working (mostly chunks missing from hitting rocks) there was still a lot of meat left on them. So they went back on (with a new set of Ski Savers) for this winters use that has turned out to be the barest of seasons for snow. My buddies during this period normally have to replace theirs at least once a season and this year have already worn out 2 sets due to skimpy conditions.

Just wanted you to know how good your product is. Now if you can make the Ski Savers last as long (have gone thru 3 sets on these skegs) I doubt I would ever need to check the underside of the skis.

John E
Rochester, NY

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